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BOOYA Media Editorials
Our friends at the Toronto adult retail store The Condom Shack has announced it will be closing it's doors permanently. Sadly, the well known adult and novelty store so well known to the residents of Toronto will be closed down permanently by February 2018. The retailer has announce that it will be discounting it's... more
BOOYA Media Editorials
The US President Elect Donald Trump has been known have made several racially disparaging remarks and now the most recent allegations about his comments about Haitian and African immigrants have been confirmed by at least two US Senators. In past comments Trump has degraded Native Americans, Mexicans, Blacks, women... more
BOOYA Media Editorials
Erica Garner, the daughter of the slain man who's police choking death sparked the "I can't breathe" has succumbed to a heart attack on Saturday 30th, 2017. After her father's death, the young activist had been thrust into the spotlight and used her platform to further the #BlackLi vesMatter movement against polic... more
BOOYA Media Editorials
BOOYA Online Media Broadcast (a.k.a. - "B.O.M.B" # 9) Date: March 21st, 2017 Top Stories from Canada: ... more
BOOYA Media Editorials
Written by B.duQues nayPublished in BOOYA Magazine Winter 2017 The public has been increasingly divided over matters of excessive policing practices such as stop and frisk, police militarization and police brutality due to the impartiality of mainstream media sources and false reports conflicting with video evidence... more
BOOYA Media Editorials
Kaepernick named Citizen of the Year by GQ MagazineWritten by B.duQuesnay (Nov 14, 2017) The former NFL player Colin Kaepernick responsible for sparking the NFL's kneeling protests, has been named "Citizen of the Year" by the well known publication GQ Magazine. The controversial and outspoken former NFL quarterbac... more


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