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"Canadian government still supporting Israel war crimes despite pro Palestinian protests . By Beau D Despite the mass protests on Saturday May 16th, 2021 in support of Palestine and condemning the actions of the state of Israel and it's authoritarian anti-Palestinian actions in recent weeks. The Toronto City Hall... more
Beau_D May 19 '21
The organization Socialist Action has been leading the movement to stop the police surveillance of already heavily policed marginalized neighborhoods This move by the police is being seen by the public as authoritarian and problematic when concerning privacy and how the images will be used. Policing in Toronto i... more
Beau_D May 13 '21
Posted by Beau D As part of project PORK, the BOOYA organization has secured approximately 6 digital body cameras with night vision technology. The project was initiated as a response to the increasing levels of policing misconduct and police brutality, in particularly vulnerable communit ies. These cameras wi... more
Beau_D May 13 '21
The pandemic has created a major housing crisis in Toronto and across Canada. We need social housing to assist our community members towards affordable housing. Join this initiative to help spark social change and help our fellow citizens in hard times. Just take a minute to sign this petition that has been lead ... more
Beau_D May 3 '21
Our friends at the Toronto adult retail store The Condom Shack has announced it will be closing it's doors permanently. Sadly, the well known adult and novelty store so well known to the residents of Toronto will be closed down permanently by February 2018. The retailer has announce that it will be discounting it's... more
The US President Elect Donald Trump has been known have made several racially disparaging remarks and now the most recent allegations about his comments about Haitian and African immigrants have been confirmed by at least two US Senators. In past comments Trump has degraded Native Americans, Mexicans, Blacks, women... more


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