Alt Right show host Tomi Lahren gets banned from The Blaze TV from on BOOYA Media Editorials's blog

The Alt-Right media show host Tomi Lahren, most known for her show on TheBlaze TV. The media organization founded and owned byte political TV personality Glenn Beck announced on March 26th, 2017 that the 24 year old show host Tomi Lahren would be banned for "at least a week". Apparently, the banned was enacted on part of The Blaze TV for recent 'pro-choice' statements and that she had made on the TV talk show The View.

The banned show host's political views have gained her much popularity as well as much very negative notoriety for expressing anti-immigrant, racist views and uses racial divisions to gather her follower base and to denounce such groups like #blacklivesmatter by comparing the movement to the Klu Klux Klan, The market for hate mongers and race baiters promoting white victimization has since grown and multiplied since the election of Donald Trump. Alt right media narrative of "white genocide" and blaming of national issues such as lack of jobs and employment to the "others' such as Blacks and Mexicans has inspired the recent increase in membership for white supremacist groups, domestic terrorists and rising hate crimes in North America including Canada. These media sourced such as InfoWars, Brietbart and The Drudge Report have also contributed to increasing racial tensions from all segments of the North American population.

Tomi Lahren's political stance in support of her 'pro-choice' has seemed to have brought her much contempt from Republican supporters and her political attacks on Colin Kapernick and the  #BlacklivesMatter protests will likely find her few supporters and sympathizers on the 'political left' to defend her use of "free speech" or rally to defend her less-than upstanding political views.

Written by: B.duQuesnay
Date: (29/03/2017)


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