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Nothing is more hypocritical than appropriating a 'fashion style' of a race of people that you feel no connection with, but to also wear those same clothes and openly express racist views against those people is just plain insulting and demeaning to what . The wearing of clothes for "fashion" is one thing but using clothes that represent a message that Mr.Stone obviously opposes. And further more, use that same 'fashion style' for your own twisted narrative is just disgusting, but not beneath Roger Stone as this article will further reveal.

Roger Stone is well gaining a public reputation for all the wrong reasons. The political spin doctor is a well known political saboteur who has now aligned his self with the 'Alt-Right' and Donald Trump, and now under investigation by US intelligence agencies for collusion with Russia. His involvement with propaganda and 'Fake News' have gained him notoriety on Alt-media sites like Infowars and Brietbart spreading alternative facts. It is well known that many sources such as the Koch Brothers and other politically aligned entities fund such political hit pieces for print and TV such as Roger Stone's book  titled "the Clintons' War on Women" and other projects like "Clinton Cash" to sway political opinion and sow disinformation.

Mr.Stone has found himself BANNED from making any further appearances the CNN news group since early 2016 for his racially motivated Tweets insulting several CNN former and current 'On-Air" contributors. An article from Alternet news group descriptive title certainly captured his essences wherein the story title reads "Roger Stone, Riot Organizer and Unapologetic Racist, Is the Trump Campaign's Best Friend". This story was definitely NOT a gleaming celebration of his character.

Unfortunately, Mr.Stone tends to surround himself with insidious alt-righter like Rudy Giuliani, Alex Jones of Infowars and Steve Bannon of BrietBart that all espouse that organizations like The Black Panthers and the #blacklivesmatter movement are anti-white hate groups and have compared these same movements to the Klu Klux Klan. Much time and effort has been spent to try to keep these movements marginalized by portraying legitimate movements as hate groups and tying them to nefarious icons like George Soros in order to insight violence and public condemnation of the movements. The Media Matters news group reported that Stone Tweeted a picture of Black rioters as "Hillary Supporters" is just one example of his handiwork.

What Roger Stone calls a fashion statement about his radical opposition of the government is often the subject used by people like Stone to instill the fear of anti-white hate groups that fuel domestic terrorists like Dylan Roof. Worst of this all is that Mr.Stone, Mr.Jones and Mr.Bannon have all profited from this niche market that was then used to reel in voters for Trump during the 2016 US elections. This projection is then covered up with a faux Black Panther homage. Sad but not surprising display of hypocrisy from Roger Stone.

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(March 24th, 2017)


Media Matters - Trump Advisor Roger Stone Tweets Racist Image Of Black Rioters As "Hillary Supporters"
Mediaite - CNN Bans Trump Supporter Roger Stone After Racist Tweets Emerge
AlterNet - Roger Stone, Riot Organizer and Unapologetic Racist, Is the Trump Campaign's Best Friend
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