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Written by: B.duQuesnay
Date: August 8th, 2016

The lack of progress in the black community and #blacklivesmatter against police violence has further pushed the community to spark yet another movement. The movement has African Americans joining black banks in mass after the #bankblack movement started. It has been said that the Black American economy produces some $1.2 Trillion dollars yearly which much leaves the black community almost immediately.

There are some 21 Black owned banks and likely more than 100 locations benefiting from the movement, One United Bank being the biggest as well as leading the #blackbanking movement. Some are protesting and calling the movement racist.

The #BankBlack challenge was promoted and endorsed by Killer Mike and is now sparking conversation from many American Black celebrities such as Beyonce and Queen Latifah. There have also been many rappers and celebrities now supporting the movement.

The challenge started as a call to African Americans to open a $100 dollar savings account in a Black owned bank and then challenge 20 friends to do the same. Many believe that this movement will help to strengthen the Black community as a whole.

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