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US Police killings rise to almost 4 deaths per day in July 2015.

Written by: B.duQuesnay
Date: August 13th, 2015

The latest statistics coming from the Guardian newspaper has shown that in July of 2015, the US death count for police killings in the month of July had surged to an average of almost 4 deaths per day. These figures have been determined by my observations of the numerical data collected by the Guardian's online project called "The Counted", in conjunction with other similar projects like FatalEncounter.org and KilledByPolice.net that are committed to recording, collecting and releasing data on police violence.

The numbers at the guardian Newspaper's website clearly shows the names, ages and descriptions of the details of the deaths. These numbers reveal that in the 31 days of July 2015, some 121 persons were killed or had died during their encounter with law enforcement officers. This makes the average death by police ratio for the month of July 3.9 persons killed per day(see calculations in References/Links section).

The ages of the deceased range from 17years of age(Cyrus Hurtado - July 9, 2015) to 77 years of age(Nyal Brown - July 13, 2015). The victims were mostly male minorities, yet many white males also suffered fatalities during their encounters. These numbers continue to show a rise in fatal encounters with police for the public in general, yet per capita are concentrated on minority communities.


Deaths per Day Calculations: 121 Deaths divided by 31 days of July, equals 3.90322... or aprox 4.
                                 (121 / 31 = 3.903225806451631)

The Guardian - About "The Counted"
The Guardian - The Counted - People killed by the Police in the US

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