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The right wing talk show host and 'conspiracy theorist', Alex Jones of Infowars has recently publicly apologized for his role in spreading much of the "Fake News" that he is very much a part of. Many critics(including myself), have found that Alex Jones and the Infowars organization have been part of a news cycle that is closely resembling the political motives that the Russian propaganda sources such as Russia Today(RT) has taken in order to sow political discourse in North American politics. Not surprising as the Infowars organization is being investigated in relation to the 'Russia 2016 Election hacks'. The Infowars operation has been involved in pushing many stories that lead to National incidents tied to several homegrown domestic terror attack and have seem to inspire many like minded domestic terrorists like the 2016 #pizzagate incident.

The Infowars host Alex Jones took to the internet to release the long winded speech to take minimal responsibility for the organization's role in the twisted propaganda that lead to an armed man taking the law into his own hands at the Comet Pizza restaurant that was to be the center of the #pizzagate scandal to find... NOTHING! Alex does little to accept responsibility for his sensationalization of click bait, fake news and propaganda for profit and political gains, which is clearly the motivation of this so called "news" outlet. This video retraction seems to have only come about from the legal actions that have been taken by the owner of the Comet Pizza restaurant that was affected as a result of the fabricated story.

Much of the Alex Jones broadcast pushes fear-mongering, political division, racial division, discourse, hate for the government and disinformation as the #pizzagate scandal shows. In previous stories we have suspected the Infowars of being a 'controlled-opposition' media outlet. The #pizzagate scandal seems to confirm our suspicions and the pattern of sensational click-bait style news associated with Infowars. Even more recently, the racially motivated Manhattan sword attack was carried out by right wing white supremacist James Harris Jackson, who was a follower of Alex Jones as well.

The #pizzagate scandal seems to have been derived from political trolls looking to use the Hilary Clinton emails that WikiLeaks dumped to the public to prove a pedophile sex ring tied to Hilary Clinton. No doubt, a wonderful help to Russia and Donald Trump during the 2016 electoral race, further proving our 'controlled-opposition' theory.

Truly, Alex Jones and Infowars are a dangerous media source and should not be given any credibility with it's claims of Michele Obama being a man which was retracted as well by Alex Jones but still many followers believe. The host does not apologize for the damage to families of terror attacks in which Jones calls "false flag attacks" or to his listeners whom are continuously 'dumbed-down' with the misinformation of this spin-doctor's brand of twisted political ideology. This man claims to be a US patriot but may be  just as dangerous to western civilization as ISIS/ISIL.

Written by B.duQuesnay
Date: April 5th, 2017


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