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Written by: B.duQuesnay
July 26th,2016
The recent media ban of the gay bashing Milo Yiannopoulos has received some push back from his right wing supporters. This may confuse some as Milo self identifies as a gay man. As much of the political right have used minorities and members for marginalized groups to represent views that are usually against their best interests. These individuals help much to spread false stereotypes and information that would be deemed racist or sexist for others to spread. Many would just describe Milo as a semi famous internet troll and has .

 His career started out as an employed at the right wing media organization Breitbart News as a technology editor. As his criticism of political correctness, social justice and political correctness drew him support of right wing media as a pundant to debunk political view points.

Milo Yiannnopoulos, is no stranger to the controversy on Twitter as his past reveals that Twitter had removed his blue "verification" checkmark and temporarily banned for insensitive comments on the Orlando night club shootings. Milo was also part of the conservative party's movement against politically correct censorship on social media that included conservatives like Glen Beck.

The recent Twitter critiques from Milo on the recent movie "GhostBusters", lead to racially jaded comments directed at one of the movie's female African American actress Lesie Jones. The GhostBuster actress, reported the comments to Twitter and the social media company later attacks from trolls that were said to have been instigated and motivated by the online self described "cultural libertarian".

He has been latest seen on the Republican National Convention agitating for Donald Trump and the Republican party along side with the likes of Alex Jones and Anne Colter. Also of notable mention is Milo's recent banning of his appearance at the Swedish Gay Pride March by his former employer Breitbart News.

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