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After the announcement of the US intelligence departments concerns of the president elect Donald Trump being compromised by a potential leak of a dossier containing descriptions of Russian surveillance of Trump with prostitutes in a Russian hotel, Vladimir Putin has strangely come to the defense of the president elect.

The suspicion that Russia may have been hacking and releasing hacked emails and propaganda through news outlets like WikiLeaks has been ongoing for several months during the 2016 US Presidential race. The officials of the US agencies had attempted to brief Trump on the intel as they did President Obama, but Trump refused briefings and either did not read the reports or did not take them seriously. Trump slams the US intelligence agencies for letting the 'fake new' leak to the public despite the dossier files being collected by another agency and the news organization BuzzFeed leaking the story.

The revelation of the dossier files had come from a former MI6 agent whom was said to have been hired by both the US Democratic and Republican parties during the 2016 electoral run. Trump has denied the allegations claiming that the leaks are 'Fake News' and stating that it could not be him in the alleged video involving prostitutes urinating because he claims to be germaphobic.

Vladimir Putin announced on Tuesday that the claims that Russia had been collecting intelligence on Donald Trump as false. He also compared the ones who were spreading fake allegations against Trump as worse than prostitutes. Putin also expressed that the Russian Intelligence agency did not have any interest as Donald Trump was not a politician at the time. Yet, Donald Trump had been expressing presidential intentions for some years. Putin finally topped off that Russian prostitutes are some of the world's finest.

New rumours are now circulating that the NSA has now obtained audio of Trump surrogates in contact with Russian officials, this new revelation could further implicate the new President. It is currently believed that some 5-6 US intellegence agencies are said to be investigating

Written by: B.duQuesnay
Date: 20/01/2017


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