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Election 2016: How America got Trumped!

"Running on a campaign that had the candidate insulting and demeaning his opponents, spreading disinformation and dividing America by racial, sexual, economic and political lines with the possible help of Russia to win the US Presidencial race and empower the Alt Right."

Written by: B.duQuesnay
From BOOYA Magazine Winter/Fall 2017

 The 2016 US presidential candidate race has certainly held it’s focus on the candidate with the highest television rating and focused most of there sights on the millionaire/billionaire TV reality show host and now president elect Donald Trump. Many never thought that a candidate so ripe with flaws and blatant racism, sexism and xenophobia could have been able to gain such a high political seat. Not to mention that this candidate has no prior political history or experience, a thinly veiled racist populist has taken hold of the US political system called the Alt-Right.

 Even though Hillary Clinton had almost 3 million more votes than Donald Trump has claimed to have won by a landslide and claims that these votes were illegal voters and voter fraud. Poor voter turnout and voter suppression hindered the Clinton campaign.

 In an electoral win that has ISIS, Russia, KKK and white nationalists and anybody else with any interest in the downfall of the US are openly celebrating Donald Trump’s victory, many in North America and abroad are very concerned  about the direction of the world’s most powerful nation under such a controversial leader. With cabinet positions such as Steven Bannon, Jeff Sessions and Mike Pense there should be no surprise in the support of alt right nationalists. With the alternative media spinning propaganda on ISIS, #BlackLivesMatter and the illegal Mexican immigrant threat to stoke the flames of the alternative fact loving right wing anti-government trolls and detractors. Even with the racist attacks on judges and endorsements from racists like David Duke, it was very surprising to see that members of Trump’s cabinet to participate in the political movement in

 As a candidate, Trump seemed less than acceptable with sexual assault charges coming from several women, one claiming a previous assault was against a minor. Despite his blatant attacks on women, bragging about inspecting underage models in changing rooms, his racists attacks and his xenophobia against Mexicans and Muslims the support of many US voters whether drawn by racism or false populism gave their support. But due to his unconventional style, poor voter turn out, targeted social media trolling and the help of WikiLeaks and possibly that of Russia to win the election. Not to mention the seemingly never ending investigations of Hillary Clinton as well as her and Bill’s past political discrepancies that had been used to fuel conspiracy theories and used in political attacks.

 Many of Trump’s supporters point to his business past, but it appears to be an utter mess as he so often describes segments of his country. Not many whom have had the privilege of doing business with Mr. Trump have probably felt like they were doing business with a sleazy mobster. That may be more truth than fiction, as it has been said that Donald has done business with the underground world of Real Estate in the Manhattan area and has been sued thousands of times to date.

 Strangely, this has lead to a seemingly corrupt family lead US government that is not above self-enrichment and bending the rules to do so. Already the Trump empire has begun to profit from the presidency through their businesses with many outside of the US, causing many potential conflicts of interests. As Trump continues to bend US laws for his own purposes claiming presidential immunity.

 Failures to fill US cabinet positions that Donald Trump has fired , likely due to his suspicion of Obama and his paranoia of “wire tapping”, this includes anyone investigating into the Russia probe like James Comey,  Preet  Bharara and Sally Yates. The cabinet members that have been selected, seem to have more interest in self-enrichment and deregulating policies for benefit of their companies and shareholders. Some examples would be Rex Tillerson’s oil ties, Betsy DeVos’ private school interests along with her BlackWater ties and as well as the handful of Goldman Sachs executives that Trump denounced Hilary for having ties with just to name a few. This has left the White House almost ineffective despite having a majority of seats in the Senate. This ineffectiveness has likely contributed to failures in the Muslim ban as well as repealing “ObamaCare”.

 On policy and agenda, it seems that the US elected president’s cabinet are poised to dismantle the entire Federal government and the agencies that protect the interests and safety of it’s citizens and is instead more concerned about removing the barriers for big business and the wealthy elite to profit and bend the rules. More so are the attacks on the constitutional rights of it’s US citizens whom this president elect has promised to protect.


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