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Written by: B.duQuesnay
Date: November 11th, 2016

Protesters and have taken to the street to denounce the newly elected candidate. It has been reported that at least 12 cities have experienced protests denouncing the elected candidate using the chant "Not my president" that sparked the accompanying Twitter hashtag #notmypresident.

Many are rightfully concerned about the election of Donald Trump as his campaign filled anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant overtones, and has sparked great divisions over race, sex and religion in the USA and has even spread to other countries with Russia welcoming the presidential win.

It is believed that more protests are planned to take place at various locations that will likely include the Donald Trump owned Trump Towers as well as any other properties and events attached to the Donald Trump brand.

Global News: Anti-Donald Trump protests continue across United States
CBC News: Anti-Trump protesters stage 2nd day of election demonstrations
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