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Featured Music Artist: Citizen Kane

Written by: B.duQuesnay
Nov 29 '12

When people talk about Toronto hip hip and rap artists, real hardcore fans would not dare forget to mention the name CitizenKane. Since the days of the Dream Warriors, Michie Mee and Maestro Fresh Wes till today, this local rap music icon has stood the test of time. Though many of us still remember the classic hits like “Soldier Story” and “Structure” from back in the day. We would like you to fast forward to 2012 and pick where the needle left the plastic record groove and meets the age of digital. If you are looking for a new dose of the music you love from a consistent stream of hard-hitting local rap music, then this is the music for you. Best of all the latest set of joints released by this artist are completely free to download from the www.citizen-kane.ca website.

The music on this album had me addicted from the first go. With tracks like “Mighty Gunz”, It was hard to turn off once you started listening. Still producing timeless classics in the 2012 is a great look for this act. Plus, the stage performances from the shows proved to be well worth the cover price. There will always be an arena for music like this in the Tdot. Even if this album had a sticker price on it, I would still have to deem it one of the best albums of it’s genre to come out of Toronto in 2012.

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