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Written by: B.duQuesnay
From BOOYA Magazine Winter/Fall 2017

 Today’s most dangerous killer drugs are not the same ones so many movies have portrayed with smugglers and drug gangs, but have now entered the realm of beakers, Bunsen burners and pharmaceuticals. It’s no secret that both Canada and the US have been experiencing a surge in overdose deaths on it’s streets from drug Fentanyl as well as other prescription drugs. As our drug companies are making extreme profits from opiates, erectile dysfunction meds and now finding it’s market in treating addictions as well as selling addictive medications.

 The profiteering on prescription medication had only recently become blatantly evident when the system exposed Martin Shkreli when he raised prices of his company’s medication from $13.50 to $750USD per dose. In a similar move, drug companies have raised prices of the anti-overdose drug Naloxone as well as epi-pens in the US.

 It would be apparent that the drug companies in association  are opposed to natural cures and remedies such as Kratom, a bitter herb that has help many overcome their addiction to drugs such as Heroin and Fentanyl. Yet the US food and drug enforcement agencies have taken to banning the possible cure for many looking to free themselves from addiction. More often than many would like to admit, dangerous pharmaceutical drugs are being introduced to our population while natural cures and alternative treatments are frowned upon.

 Insys Inc. has developed a synthetic form of THC named Syndros while it recently contributed $50,000 to campaign against marijuana legalization in Arizona. All to legalize a form of synthetic cannabis as a schedule two drug even though it has far more side effects than cannabis itself does.

 The Fentinyl epidemic has even reached Canada,  with overdose rates in BC and Alberta spiking in the last few months. The reasons for making the natural remedy is that a handful of Kratum users had overdosed from mixing Kratum with hard narcotics such as the deadly Fentanyl.

  In a strike back against the epidemic, US states like Ohio have taken to suing drug companies fueling the epidemic. Hopefully the money obtained from these lawsuits are used to help curb drug overdosing deaths into a system that can put human lives before policies that benefit corporations.

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