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Written by B.duQuesnay

Article from BOOYA Hagazine Winter 2017

As the US election had determined that the president elect to be Donald Trump, a reflection on how such an unconventional candidate has become elected in what would once be considered a open and diverse beacon of hope is now more divided and lady liberty is showing signs of distress.

From the early stages of the election it seems that the media had already selected it’s candidates as being the ones with the most television ratings. It seems that the great US television empire that is now owned by only five corporations had pre-decided who the winners as far as television coverage was concerned and the lest popular was the candidate Bernie Sanders, whom by many accounts was truly the most popular candidate… at least by the turnouts at his rallies. But, early in the US primaries a Bernie Sanders campaigner found that the DNC server was not secured and had mistakenly accessed the Hillary campaign’s server. This lead to both servers being vulnerable to access.

As the DNC had clearly been showing bias towards the Hillary Clinton campaign and chastised Sanders for the parties discovery of the vulnerability, attempted to smear Sanders with a photo of him by a pool as well as use his Jewish background against him so leaked documents have shown. The effort of the DNC to undermine the Sanders campaign seemed to come straight out of the Republican playbook and far exceed that of the DNC’s opposition of Donald Trump. The DNC still took this road even though poll numbers showed Sanders to be the stronger candidate as the Sanders campaign almost overtook the Hillary campaign. Lawsuits are already underway for the roles that the DNC and actors like Debbie Wasserman/Schultz whom many are alleging bias. In fact, the DNC has clearly expressed that it feels it can determine the winner of it’s party’s electoral primaries. 

The primaries had just been the tip of the iceberg with voter suppression, DNC corruption, smear tactics, gerrymandering, voter purging, ballot dumping as well as possible hacking and machine rigging on unaccountable machines mostly in the California primaries. The US(as well as Canada) are not as much an openly democratic society as is a twisted game of manipulation in seemingly distorted show of how governments, corporate sponsors and the powerful to circumvent and diminish the individual vote of it’s citizens.

Not only were the US votes subject to these in-house anti-democratic attempts to squash voter rights on both sides, but to also shut out third party candidates like Sander, Jill Stein and but the elections were also subject to right wing conspiracy attacks like #pizzagate, WikiLeaks as well as the alleged interference from the Russians. While the Trump campaign consistently pushed the unproven conspiracy story line of thousands committing “voter fraud” from the opposition, news revealed that reported incidents were from Republican voters as well as that Steve Bannon and Trump’s daughter were both registered in more than one state.


With the US government laws that have allowed money to be used as “speech” and companies are now considered “persons” and the bending of laws that allow donations of money to parties have corrupted the political system to big money players like Goldman Sachs, George Soros and the Koch Brothers. Hillary and Trump both have ties to these hidden players that are funding both parties to gain financial advantages by buying their candidates.

Though, Donald Trump had won the election, Hillary Clinton had actually had three million more votes over Trump. This is the second time that his outcome has taken place in the last twenty years, the first being the race between Al Gore and George Bush. Bernie Sander is now America’s most popular politician, yet some how lost to far less liked candidates and would have most likely won the election if had faced Trump. In addition to the already brainwashing media of politics in the US and the propaganda of alt media conspiracies, third parties such as WikiLeaks, RT and Russia have found a far less expensive way to topple the US from the inside instead of attacking it from outside. Clearly, the democratic system needs reforms if it wishes to preserve the foundations of democracy within it’s borders.

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