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Concerns arise over Trump's competency as the leader of the most powerful nation on earth are coming from both inside and outside the US White House. As the Trump transition team rushes to staff the White House with hastily vetted picks put forth by the Trump team, all with conflicting and questionable business ties and interests are being fired, quit or resign their position usually upon the revelation of some criminal or near criminal practice only emphasizes what is quickly becoming a dysfunctional US government. Who is the real leader of the party is not so clear as Steven Bannon a former Goldman Sachs employee and founder of Brietbart, has written in his name in documents that Donald Trump has signed giving Bannon a head role in National Security.

This may have sparked the line of questioning in respect to the literal and written competency of how much literacy skills Mr.Trump holds as the newly elected US leader has clearly not read the documents that he signed. Yet, continuing leaks from inside the White House shows the chaos a staff that has little experience and lack of leadership and loyalty from the team.

During a court deposition, Mr.Trump told the court that he has signed hundreds of contracts but only read very few of them. In addition, Trump seems to struggle to name books he has read or repeat any Bible quotes he has read. If that doesn't top the cake for then consider that Donald Trump also does not seem to read briefings and now wants briefings to be reduced to one page with 8 to 10 itemized bullet points with lots of graphics and maps, the president seems to like pictures instead.

The writer for the Donald Trump book, "The Art of the Deal" has told the media that he has never seen a book on Mr.Trump's desk and does not believe that Trump has read a book in some time. This would align with the media's description of Donald Trump's speech to that of a 4th grade level during the 2016 US primaries.  Trump also admits to not even posting his own Twitter 'Tweets' by having someone else make them for him. Even Trump's signature seems very rudimentary.

It seems that President Trump's actions where he often makes excuses to avoid reading like forgotten glasses and small type has closely filled the profile used to target low and non-literate individuals as outlined by a Canadian brochure. If the allegations are true or not, so far can only be speculated by the public and the media. If this allegation proven true, it is not sure if this will make Trump unfit from office.

Written by B.duQuesnay
Date: February, 16th, 2017

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