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Written byB.duQuesnay

From BOOYA Magazine Winter/Spring 2017

 The consumers of the Alternative Media are finding themselves on the edge of a cliff after revelations of major concerns for the conspiracy theory crowd. Some are finding out that the real news is all about exposing the fake news of the people who say they are patriots but clearly are out to destroy their country, freedom and turn once decent citizens into traitors and homegrown terrorists by invoking hate and anger towards the government that protects them from corporate rule.

 The average consumer of the conspiracy show Infowars should be familiar with the hate filled fake patriot Alex Jones and his line of disinformation. I for one have fallen prey to the lies and spin-doctoring of the truth that this so called ‘news source’ spews. When I hear the sensationalized propaganda that people who are hooked on this brainwashing rantings of a madman and self proclaimed actor. When a unverified source of news can have so many believing lies you have now created the bubble of denial of the truth and now can venture into the world of of alternative fact and fake news. Because to these propagandists making a dollar on politics, propaganda, fear mongering and racial, sexual and social division is more important than telling the truth because the almighty dollar is their only god. 

 Alex Emmerit Jones once claimed to be “above the right – left wing paradigm”, but that is the least of the lies that circle the spin-doctor’s profitable online Jonestown Koolaid stand. Clearly, the right-wing sensationalist is a profiteer who is mostly concerned with misleading the public, selling ‘miracle cure’ koolaid and promoting a Ayrn Rand style agenda that is likely being funded by millionaires and organizations like the Koch Brothers, The John Birch Society and The Heritage Foundation despite his claims he is against the “global elite’. Many are catching onto the “Jonestown” lies as his many growing retractions on Michelle Obama being a man, #PizzaGate as well as the many victims he’s called actors in so called false flag staged attacks.

 Alex got fame from being a “9/11 truther” where the self proclaimed “Grandfather of the truth movement” claims to have predicted the terror attacks despite well know late radio host William Cooper doing so earlier and far more accurate than Jones. Many elements seem to have been stolen from Cooper’s show and are now a part of the Infowars show despite Cooper calling out Mr. Jones for being a sensationalist liar who was endangering US patriots and the ‘Truth Movement’.  Since Cooper’’s untimely death at the hands of US Federal Agents, Jones has taken to slandering the good name of William Milton Cooper.

 Among the snake-oil sales of Jonestown brand Koolaid and miracle cures on the Infowars/Prison Planet site, you can watch and buy a variety of propaganda videos like the famous Bohemian Grove video where Jones allegedly crashes the illusive Bohemian Grove attendees performing ritual worship. Too many questions and flaws attached to the video that either makes Jones a mock documentary producer or actually someone whom was invited to give him legitimacy of some sort. Many right wing propagandist such as Steve Bannon get funded to produce propaganda videos from high paying donors and supporters. This is just the tip of the iceberg for the Jones team who are using sensationalism and fear mongering to sell water filters, “Hillary for Prison” shirts, survival gear and food rations for the upcoming virus outbreak, race riots and apocalypse. What ever the spin, there is a dollar to make in it as far as Alex is concerned. 

 Despite Alex Jones and his brand of patriotic despise of the “global elitists”, Jones claims that his family is deeply rooted in the Texas Freemasons and constantly claims that he has many friends and family in the CIA, FBI, Military as in many other secret society organizations. But Alex says he is against the elitists and their global agenda while having many CIA, FBI, music and television insiders constantly appearing on his show to discuss how chemicals are tuning frogs gay, how the government is gonna take you guns, the hidden alien and reptile people living among us or just to smear and defame “Liberal elitists” and their lefty-communist supporters.

 The National Enquirer style ‘news’ show and it’s host have seemed to have been exposed as the recent details of the court case between Alex and his Ex-wife has revealed that Alex said that he was acting on his show, likely to distance himself from the horrible lies he spews. Alex’s ex-wife was said to have won about half of Alex’s earnings which he milks his supporters of their hard earned money to be used the resistance and fund the revolution. As an actor, Jones has been in the cult film Waking Life where Jones plays a ranting conspiracy nut, what a coincidence! Alex’s ex wife was awarded some $4 million of the that honeypot. listeners and viewers to support his war against tyranny. Alex has often used his money bombs to generate donations from his supporters and strangely enough the latest money bomb to coincidentally raise $4 million for a “satellite up-link” (whatever that is?) to bring Infowars to the world.

 Once again, the plot only thickens the deeper you look. For the scandal that we have previously wrote upon where Infowars is labeled as a controlled opposition group and it is revealed that the media outlet’s graphic designer Molly Maloney was found to have previously worked to Strafor, a secretive information collection agency that could possibly have it’s head graphics person collecting the personal info of Infowars followers. Other previous employees tell a troubling tale of a ranting lush who always seems to be out to get his detractors and his perceived enemies. Fortunately, Infowars and it’s secret headquarters has a very serious legal non-disclosure agreement that keeps it’s former employees from disclosing a peep about the ‘operation’. But there are still many warning others to steer clear of Jones, former employees and hosts such as Jack Blood, Peter Santilli, Mark Shillodice as well as Infowars former editor Kurt Nimmo, just to name a few.

 But as the hard evidence that conspiracy researcher William Cooper revealed about Alex’s year 2000 Y2K broadcast will reveal Jones as an Orwellian War of the Worlds provocateur where Jones broadcast a very dangerous sensationalized message that the Russians had launched nuclear weapons towards the US and that painted the US in a state of chaos that could have potentially caused mass panic. Some suspect that this was some kind of test for a later psychological operation he will perform. Clearly starting his acting career early with his questionable Bohemian Grove video or his role as a conspiracy nut in Waking Life for his later sensationalism and fear mongering. As recently Jones was exposed by his lawyer during a family custody court hearing where Jones’ lawyer told the court that Alex Jones was an actor and played the role of the persona on his show. So much for the ‘Truth’ movement.

 The evolution from radio and television to the internet has exasperated the danger of propagandists who are brainwashing their listeners and viewers on unregulated forums are free to spread hate and disinformation to the public. The openly spread disinformation and hate propaganda has poisoned many of US and Canadian citizens to hate their own country, reject diversity and hide their bigotry and hate under the veil of anti-political correctness. Hatred does not require much intelligence, just needs someone to convince ignorant people to fear others that are different and you have your misguided hate mongers and race baiters ready to destroy their own country. Many who consider themselves “patriots’ are nothing of the sort, yet no one will speak of the real danger of homegrown terrorist like Dylan Roof whom are now terrorizing Muslims, Sikh, Blacks, Mexicans and other citizens whose skin colour or religion they fear. This group is responsible for more acts of terror in North American than any other religious or racial groups. 

  The low info propaganda conspiracy is a dangerous game and opportunists like Alex Jones need to be held accountable for the hate and violence they have been directly responsible for. The truth movement lacks one very important ingredient and it’s the actual honest bare truth.
Listener/viewer beware!

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