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Written by: B.duQuesnay
Date: Jul 26 '16

Right wing talk show host Alex Jones has been making his rounds at the Republican National Convention and we have discovered a pattern of behavior exhibited by the "Truther" and all around conspiracy talk show host.

For some time it has been openly suspected that Alex Jones and his conspiracy internet and radio show has been a controlled opposition operation. His show often hosts guest like admitted pedophile Ted Nugent, the unorthodox gay bashing Dr. Manning and other professional agitators like Milo Yiannopoulos who has just been banned from Twitter for instigating racist troll attacks against Ghostbusters actress Leslie Jones. It's been said that there is a lot of money in spokespersons who are part of a minority or marginalized segment to become a basher of that same group. These people use the guise of being "anti-politically correct" or hide behind "free speech" to attack, bully and spread hate and misinformation. Much of this Alex Jones uses to reverse engineer conspiracies why you should believe what he wants you to believe, although Jones claims to be "above the left - right paradigm" but as anyone can clearly tell he is not and clearly a candidate for right wing hate.
Groups like Reich Wing Watch and others have documentaries profiling his right wing hate propaganda, misinformation and half truths. We do not promote, mirror or share any news from Infowars, nore will we publish stories from any of our staff that lends hand to the misleading of others.

The history of Alex Jones' misleading information start some time back during his Y2K scare that sounded like the Orwellian radio broadcast of "War of the Worlds". But just focusing on is history of agitation and provocateur like behaviors at public rallies is far from an new avenue for this conspiracy radio host. One can speculate that this host was engaging in this activity for ratings on his show, but he has evidently used this tactic for political means as well.

For the first example, please make yourself aware of the Austin, Texas gun rally that was organized by Libertarians that Mr. Jones says he so much supports. This group was at the Austin gun rally in Texas in 2010 speaking on their second amendment rights and also on the fight for local "micro-broadcasters" whom were being legally persecuted for rebroadcasting shows like Alex Jones' Infowars which he promoted these broadcaster to do. To anyone who has followed this story, that it seemed very strange that Mr. Jones would promote an event and then later show up to shut it down.

Another incident at yet another gun rally, this time an "anti-gun" rally to have restrictions on some more lethal fire arms. This time, Mr. Jones again stirred up controversy, mocked the grieving parents of a slain child as well as attempting to start a fight with the father. I can hardily see how this would have increased viewership but rather seemed to try to incite discourse and political divisions by later publishing the story as "Proof Gun Control Activists Are Violent". Just another "DisInfoWars" attempt to spin doctor real political issues while attempting to silence, suppress and maginalize the free speech of these citizens.

The most recent display is far from an isolated incident with the Alex Jones and Infowars outfit. During the latest RNC 2016 convention the team of Mr. Jones and company were outside of the convention, doing what Alex Jones does best. The bullhorn touting Jones along side a mob of trolls and media hacks associated with the Jones operation went out to taunt and agitate against the Republican National Convention. There Jones had some amusement playing agitator until he and his crew clearly confronted protestors from the group ANTIFA shouting Anti-Nazi slogans. Jones and crew were clearly at a safe distance away but the Infowars host and his crew clearly advanced upon the protestors where Alex came close enough to blast the protestors inches away from his face which got Alex a light shove. Alex then puts his girth and weight behind a shove that started chaos among the protestors and Alex, which he describes as communists. As police swarm to protect Jones from the melee of chaos he had instigated, he cowardly calls for police to arrest a protestor for attacking him. Afterwards, a very strange occurrence happened when police then tactically create a security formation around Jones and escort him directly to his vehicle.

... all this while Mr. Jones claims to be "above the Left-Right paradigm". Yet, any fool can clearly see that Jones has been selling Donald Trump to his listeners for almost a year now yet his declaring that he himself was not sure if Trump would be the best or worst thing to happen to the US as result of his presidency. In one rally, Jones seemingly allowed a fake or ineffective left wing provocateur named Eric Andre to show his freedom of speech to his fanatic audience that pushed and shoved the comedian.

Later in the RNC, competing Progressive media organization known as TYT or The Young Turks had experienced a near physical confrontation between Alex Jones and the TYT's owner Cenk Uygur after the Infowars crew stormed a TYT live show. This incident was another attempt for Jones to create controversy for the profit of his show. His crew stormed the TYT set on their way to a scheduled interview. Jones had said that he was invited on by one of the TYT staff but Cenk Uygur strongly denied the rumour on the show and broadcast.

Unfortunately, the incident escalated into a shouting match mainly dominated by TYT's Cenk being feed up of Jones' crashing the live show. Cenk was continuously provoked by Jones from his arrival stating that he was going to sit on his lap and that he looked "sexy". TYT's owner Cenk also took offense to a Bill Clinton "rape" shirt and the presence of Roger Stone whom he called a "hatchetman". Alex Jones and his producer seemed to completely enjoy the outcome as they continue to smile and gloat throughout the entire spectacle. Jones later did his radio interview using the incident as most of his discussion on air. Later Jones released the video of the RNC incidents for use on his show.

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