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Kaepernick named Citizen of the Year by GQ Magazine

Written by B.duQuesnay (Nov 14, 2017)

The former NFL player Colin Kaepernick responsible for sparking the NFL's kneeling protests, has been named "Citizen of the Year" by the well known publication GQ Magazine. The controversial and outspoken former NFL quarterback was the target of criticism by many whom would unjustly signify his kneeling during the anthem to protest police violence as a sign of disrespect to the troops. These criticisms have come mostly from right-wing fans as well as the current US president Donald Trump.

Fans of Colin Kaepernick have supported his protest and his efforts have been greatly welcomed by the Black community and Kaepernick has been seen very much as a role model in the Black community for putting his beliefs ahead of the fame and money of his career in the NFL. 

Kaepernick has shown his community awareness through several acts of charity and fundraising. Some of Kaepernick's charitable acts have included donating $50,000 to Meals on Wheels once government funding was cut as well as several other charitable organizations. 

GQ Magazine has taken the liberty of acknowledging the accomplishments of this trailblazer and inspirational figure despite the condemnations from mostly far-right political authoritarians against peaceful protesting and with little to say about the current political system that has brought us growing incidents like Charlottesville. 


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