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by B.duQuesnay(21/03/2017)
Among the chaos of the Trump presidency and establishing the staff of the new administration have been a non-stop string of 'Tweets' via the Twitter from the president that has most lately brought to the surface of the now US president's claim of wiretapping by former US president Barrack Obama.

As many have suspected from the US president's previously debunked 'Tweets', that these claims would prove to be false. Among the claims the president has espoused are that thousands of Muslim Americans celebrating the 9-11 attacks on the WTC buildings, Barack Obama founded ISIS and is not an American citizen and his birth certificate is fake or that millions of illegal voters voted for Hilary Clinton in the 2016 US elections.

Questions surrounding the new US president's reading and writing competency have been raised along side the president's belief in conspiracies from alt-right "Fake News" outlets like Infowars and BrietBart in where the US president has been found to 'Tweet' out propaganda like the fake statistics on "black on black" crime from hate group web sites like StormFront and others. All of which make it hard for any informed persons to believe anything Donald Trump says or 'Tweets". The credibility issues even go beyond Mr. Trump as his respondents and spokespersons like Kelly Anne "the Con-Job" Conway has been publicly quoted on TV calling them "Alternative Facts" and most know as just plain old LIES.

Even from within, Trump's own supporters and team cannot fully stand behind the claims and have steered focus toward the surveillance of the Trump Towers, possibly to the detriment of the Trump team and it's possible coordination with Russian entities. The allegations are said to be an potentially impeachable offense for his accusations that slander former president Obama. Respective Intel agencies have told the media publicly that the president cannot make wire tap requests against US citizens. All this could have been revealed to Trump with a single phone call to request any court orders related to himself or his properties.

In what seems to be an effort to 'save face' over these claims, the allegations were then turned into accusations of Obama working the the GCHQ British intelligence agencies. This was likely seen as offensive to the British Intelligence community as they fired off a rebuttal to the claims stating that no such transaction occurred and calling them 'utterly ridiculous'. This now have brought other countries to start questioning their US ties and how they will fair interacting with the new president.

Obvious from the recent visit to the White House by German president Angela Merkel, that some ambassadorial tack is lacking from Mr. Trump strategy and interaction with foreign policy and leaders.

During such a chaotic transition, it is likely unwise that the new US administration spend so much time chasing false wire tap claims that only has exposed that any surveillance would have been from within a US intelligence agency through the US legal system and would need sufficient evidence of some wrong doing on behalf of Donald Trump, his properties or someone staying at his hotel. Another possible reason would be the use of a computer internet server located on Mr.Trump's hotel that is tied to foreign banks know to launder money.

Many have concluded that the wire tap claims are the Trump administrations attempts to divert attention from the administrations Russian ties and the investigation of possible collusion with foreign entities to subvert the 2016 US election process. A pattern of denial and distractions on behalf of the Trump team has emerged where many Trump staffers have resigned, left or have been fired for lies and ties to Russia. These claims seem not only to be a distraction but have been the majority of the focus of the public hearings that started on Monday March 20th, 2017 in stead of focusing primarily on the Russian 'hacks' and the Trump team's links to Putin.


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