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Clashes with police in Baltimore after Freddie Gray funeral.

Written by: B.duQuesnay
Date: Apr 28 2015

The unjust killing of black males on the streets of North America has become a that has reached epic proportions and the latest public outcry for justice has come from the killing of Freddie Gray. Fredrick Gray was the victim of increasing police violence that has been illegally targeting and arresting minorities. Freddie Gray was said to have made eye contact with police that lead police to pursue Freddie Gray on April 12th, 2015 though no crime was committed. The victim later died on April 19th, 2015 due to his injuries directly stemming from his arrest.

The Freddie Gray police killing, has been condemned as yet another unjust killing of an unarmed
Black man at the hands of police. The victim had been arrested for the possession of a switchblade but did not have possesion of the weapon during the time of his assault and during his murder at the hands of police. The victim had initially  requested medical attention and access to an inhaler for his breathing, which can be both seen and heard in a online video showing police officers forcefully subduing the victim by kneeling on the victims chest and neck.

As the police transported the victim, several stops were police further assaulted the victim and can be seen dragging the victim's limp body into the back of the police vehicle while onlookers express their discontent with the actions of the police and how they treated the injured victim.

The police position on the victims death is that the police had not taken the victim to the hospital in a timely fashion and had not buckled the victim into the vehicle. Though, this explanation does not point any direct wrong doing by police, nor does it explain how the young man's neck and spine had been severed to some 80%, even though police claim that they used the vehicle to shake up the prisoners in the vehicle with a 'rough ride' and may have injured the victim. This still could not account for a severed spine.

The growing outrage in the Black community brought forth a week of peaceful protests as the community in Baltimore attempts to deal with this latest tragedy amongst the unlawful actions of the Baltimore police department. It has been reported that six police were suspended with pay for their misdeeds.

The funeral on April 27th, 2015 has drawn many US government officials and supporters such as the Eric Garner family. It was said that the presence of police as well as outside agitators sparked conflict between the supporters at Freddie Gray's funeral and the Baltimore police. Some 35 people and

As the latest victim of a long line of countless police criminal actions against Blacks and minorities has raised tensions in the black community. Though, a week of peaceful protests gave voice to the distrust of police in the Black community the police once again used their presence to fuel furthering tensions while outside agitators provoke a police response and incite violence. This has led the US to once again introduce the National Guard to oppose retaliation and discourse from the community.

The Freddie Gray case is very telling of the police state that has been heavily weighing down on the Black community since it's conception in the US. Unfair and biased policing is the obvious culprit in the ongoing strings of the police murders that have a long history in North America and yet still continues today. The final autopsy is said to take 30 to 45 days to complete and before the public will be given any definite forensic answers to the police killing of Freddie Gray.

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