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The organization Socialist Action has been leading the movement to stop the police surveillance of already heavily policed marginalized neighborhoods  This move by the police is being seen by the public as authoritarian and problematic when concerning privacy and how the images will be used. 
Policing in Toronto is already under fire for such actions and projects like "carding" which sought to unfairly stop and collect data on mostly black men of the city of Toronto.

Several speakers from local organizations and community groups took part and showed their support. A strong police presence was constant but no conflicts occurred during the largely peaceful yet passionate rally.Socialist Action is an organization pushing social justice and community support for workers and families. Video from the rally will be posted for rally shortly on our website.

Visit Socialist Actions's Web site... www.socialistaction.ca

Photo's from rally...

Beau_D May 13 '21 · Tags: police, surveillance, toronto, camera
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