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"Canadian government still supporting Israel war crimes despite pro Palestinian protests.

By Beau D

 Despite the mass protests on Saturday May 16th, 2021 in support of Palestine and condemning the actions of the state of Israel and it's authoritarian anti-Palestinian actions in recent weeks. The Toronto City Hall saw hundreds if not thousands in support of Palestine, as per my account during my attendance to the event. 

 In contrast, a small number of approximately 50-150 pro-Israel and some 50 or so anti-mask protesters from a separate rally both on scene provoking and taunting others at the rally. A heavy police and security presence were apparent with both drone surveillance and helicopters over head during the event. 

 Most of the event was peaceful but passionate on the side pro-Palestine protesters, with a few climbing some structures and waving banners and flags. Reports told of some arrests and scuffles between police and some attendees to the protests, but none seemed to occur during the main rally. Despite a few minor conflict of bottled water being tossed at pro-Palestinians at the rally, a few fire works did go off putting attendees on edge.

 As Canadians whom have not bought into the narrative of Israel's self defense using it's Iron Dome anti-missile system to take down Hamas low tech projectiles with Israel's military war machine. 

Israel for some time has been sanctioning and restricting imports as well as exports from Palestine and the Gaza strip. The isolation of Palestine has caused the state to receive almost no CoVid-19 vaccines and this is being called an apartheid state and a genocide upon the Palestinians living there. In recent weeks, Ethiopian settlers whom have been living in Israel for decades are being deported and removed from the Israeli population.

Despite this and the United Nations many condemnations of the continuing history of this conflict, Canada and the US have both declined to cease it's funding despite the actions of this superpower state. Both Canada and the US have and are currently giving the state of Israel billions of dollars in what is called "military aid". 

 Both Canada and the US are among the few not taking actions like boycotting Israel. Russia, UK and other G7 countries are now beginning to welcome the BSD movement as criticism grows.

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