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Racewar: a psychological operation

Written by B.duQuesnay
From BOOYA magazine Summer Edition

  No one can deny that the police state has taken a stranglehold of North America. It’s not a single day that doesn’t pass that yet another video portraying brutal and inhuman police violence being taking against a seemingly innocent persons. The range of violence and reasons vary, but what has been a common theme for these shooting has been unarmed black men in large part.

Yet, these attacks are not entirely limited to this portion of the population, the general discussion on TV and social media has been about race as much of it seems racially motivated. Yet while young men and women are dying innocently in our streets, the public can only argue to “if all lives matter” why should you care?

  The growing police state affects everyone as statistics show. Not one group of people are completely sheltered from it’s, well lets call it ... Brutality. It’s been the tax payers dollars being used to fund and arm a police force that increasingly continues to outwardly represent a standing militarized army. Along with the fact that martial law could be declared upon peaceful protestors to escalate tensions and fear of the police state are just a few examples why you should care.

  Unfortunately, much disinformation and falsehoods have made it to our televisions and smart devices via social networking that portrayed many half truths and lies.

  Mainstream media lacks integrity for portraying peaceful protesters as terrorists and thugs, not helping to foster even more anger amongst supporters. In addition,  the mainstream media and police organizations work closely together to support some false scapegoat for the shooting officer that the victim had charged the officer, or reached for a weapon. These claims are usually found to be false, much like the claims of a ‘witness 41’ Sandra McElroy in the Mike Brown shooting who claimed the victim charged police, later revealed that the witness had a history of mental illness and racism. Yet, the list of examples go on and on...

  Yet, the importance of race has been overshadowed with rhetoric and disinfo. This has lead the media to distract from stories that a Chicago police have kidnapped individuals and abused and tortured them in a police “black site”  known as Homan Square, sometimes without reason or warrant.

  The following statistics have been collected by the Guardian newspaper’s police killings data collection project called ““The Counted”. This project has been tracking and collecting information on all US deaths during police encounters and recording statistics and numbers from the accounts. The database is publicly available online on the Guardian’s web site.

  All be it, that per capita the majority of the violence has targeted primarily black communities, the majority of fatalities have actually been white. In fact, at the time of this article the statistics show that 728 people were killed while interacting with police in 2015, the majority being white at a total of 362, secondly 190 fatalities were black and 106 Latino or Hispanic.

  Our research has shown that in the month of July 2015, the number of persons that had died while interacting with police had risen to almost 4 persons per day. The number was rounded up from 3.9 persons per day using the number of the 121 deaths divided by the 31 days of July. These stats were mostly ignored by mainstream media.

  Further exploration of the statistics showed in a previous story published in early June 2015 by the Guardian shows that out of 464 deaths, that 102 of those deaths were persons that had been unarmed. But, these same stats showed that unarmed persons considered black were twice as likely to be killed than an unarmed white person, with some 32% of black being unarmed.

  But not only have Blacks, Native Americans and Hispanics been at the wrong end of a police baton, but increasingly we are hearing of misconduct and the deaths of women and mentally ill persons, such is the case with the suspicious hanging death of Sandra Bland.

  With the militarization of the police and the disinformation on social media and TV, people have been robbed of two things... these two things are justice and the truth. Unfortunately, you cannot have one without the other. The news sources and police force already have a strong relationship and the use of social media to foster doubt and speculations against the deceased victims are quite appalling ways for professional media and law enforcement to behave. Further eroding trust in both institutions. Therefore were need to stand together and fight for both of these things while putting our racial divisions aside, only then will we find truth and justice.

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