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The US President Elect Donald Trump has been known have made several racially disparaging remarks and now the most recent allegations about his comments about Haitian and African immigrants have been confirmed by at least two US Senators. In past comments Trump has degraded Native Americans, Mexicans, Blacks, women and also Jews and Muslims. Yet the most recent comments had been leaked from the DACA meetings that are surrounding the Trump anti-immigration agenda where Trump described Haiti as a "sh*thole".

In the meeting that consisted of at least 6 attendees, two both a Democrat as well as Republican have confirmed the remarks as true. Strangely two additional Senators had denied that they had heard the accusations despite being in the room, have later released a joint statement that back-peddles the notion that Donald Trump had used the term "sh*thouse" rather than "sh*thole".

Haitian gathered to protest the Several African leaders have sent letters to demand apologies to the affected nations that had felt insulted by the so called "bar room talk". Despite Trump's continuous claims that he is "the least racist person" his actions, words and fellow US political peers have shown otherwise.

Written by B.duQuesnay

Date: 15/01/2018


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