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"BOOYA peaks at 1million online hits in 2016" - Feb 11th, 2017

For Public Release:
The publication of our magazine and our web site providing urban underground media to our followers and subscribers has been paying off with an even stronger following in 2016. During the 2016 year our web site has revamped it's platform and web presence to better serve our readers and follower and has been met with much positive response.

As currently, our site is averaging between 600,000 and 750,000 hits per month in the year 2016. During our most busiest month the total hits for our site peaked near 1 million hits during the month of May. As much of our work is still ahead of us, we are now beginning to form a presence online and in print.

We hope that this will help make BOOYA a suitable place for you and your business to advertise and support the publication and production of our print and online content. We ask that you consider BOOYA for your next advertising campaign.

BOOYA Press Dept


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