Civilian Policing Project a.k.a. - Project: P.O.R.C.


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Beau D
Category Public Safety
Target amount 200
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Ending date Dec 31 '22

Project description

Project Name:

Project P.O.R.C. a.k.a. - Personal Outerwear Recording Cameras

Project Overview::

The Civilian Policing Project has been dubbed the acronym P.O.R.C. which stands for "Personal Outerwear Recording Camera" but also for "Photograph or Record the Police". The project intends to develop and impediment a body camera project for recording the public and personal safety. Police already use body cameras and vehicle cameras but the footage is controlled and regulated by the police and their department heads. Po.ice investigation boards do little to bring any justice. We intend to put the power back in the hands of the people.

We are looking to create a network fun and organized by civilians in order to monitor and supervise police brutality on the streets of Toronto. This project is striving to be a template for other cities and communities to ensure that police overreach and abuse of power is put to a stop. The time to be silent is over and this project is a path forward to empowering communities and individuals suing digital video. The project entails using body cameras that can have streamed during rallies and protests. We will be looking for community partners to operate approximately 10 of these cameras in the city of Toronto.

This project is a three phase mission that will take place as follows...
1. Development and testing of the PORC Personal Outerwear Recording Camera. (Link to come soon...)

2. Deploy 10 Personal Outer Recording Cameras to select reporters, journalist, activists and/or organization for use on streets pf Toronto. (Link still to come...)

3. Expand network and create open an open source version available for public use.

Giving power back to the people is the objective. This project will help ensure a greater amount of public and personal safety at a low cost. This will also allow for organizing and developing citizen accessible resources and create their own networks for a variety of uses. Personal recorders very well may be the new future for personal safety and protection with the additional benefits of curbing police violence.


-Produce and test fist Personal Online Camera Recorder device in the front lines of Toronto's streets.

-Produce and distribute an additional 10 Personal Online Camera Recorders through journalistic and front line street workers.

-Develop and release android/IOS app for use with cameras.

-Create a network for cameras for uploads and sharing to online sources such as cloud storage applications .

-Build a network of community based organizations, legal group, cop watch networks and activists.


-Single board computer and camera.

-Onboard digital storage.

-Online digital storage

-Infrared cameras.

-WiFi and Bluetooth

-HDMI video output

Future Project Goals

-Build an independent digital networking with hotspots across Toronto

-provide resources and support for public safety matters and citizen rights issues.

-Host and take part in rallies and protests to oversee citizen safety and limit over reach by officials.

-Produce and provide everyday use cameras for civilian usage.

-Release and develop similar devices for live streaming and security usage.

Items already purchaced

-One Raspberry Pi Zero with WiFi

-One Raspberry Pi without WiFi

-Two Rapberry Pi cases and camera ribbons

Items Needed...

-One Raspberry Pi Zero compatible camera ($35)

-One Raspberry Pi Zero compatible infrared camera ($25)

-Two battery supplies with solar charging components ($50)

-two touch screens for testing ($60)

-Misc items, ie- heatsinks cables, etc... ($30)

Sample video of similar project...


Or if you would like to donate any of the listed parts or items for the project, you can send your items to...


3096 Danforth Avenue

Suite #257

Toronto, Ontario

Canada M4L 1B1

c/o - Project P.O.R.C.

Other ways to support the project...
Check out out shop and make a purchase... https://www.booyamagazine.com/shop

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