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Frontline Defender

Description: Frontline Defender is an action-packed strategy-shooter game! Your city is under siege from enemy troops and things look desperate as your soldiers have fallen back, with only a small barricade to protect them. Everything`s on your shoulders now! Pick up the slack of your fellow soldiers and shoot any remaining enemies upon sight! It`s time to shape up your soldiers, tighten up your defenses and sharpen your aim as you defend the ruins of your once glorious city!

Resolution: 640x530

Controls: Shoot - Use mouse to aim, left click to fire. Reload weapon - R key. Payload - W key. Pan camera left/right - A/W keys respectively. Throw grenade - Q key. Select weapon - 1-9 number keys. Pause - P key.

Tags: Shooting, Defense, Strategy, Shooter, Action

Category: Shooting

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