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Condom Shack provides a comfortable atmosphere for anyone, of any age, or sexual orientation, to buy safer sex products and adult novelties. The Condom Shack has been in operation and part of the Toronto business community for 25 years. Condom Shack has announced that is is closing it's doors as of January 29th, 2018.

The adult novelty store was a distributor and supporter of BOOYA Magazine and we extend our gratitude for their support.

The Condom Shack has released the following statement on January 15th, 2018...

"It's been hard to put all of this into words, but we are devasted to announce that after 25 long and successful years, your friendly neighbourhood Condom Shack is closing its doors. It has been such an honour... an honour to be your first sex shop, an honour to be a beacon of hope for all who have struggled with sexual identity and exploration free of judgment, a place to come laugh with your friends, and a home for so many wonderful misfits who have put their heart and soul into working here and making the world a better place, one crotch at a time.

We truly can't thank you, the customers, enough. Thank you for promoting sex positivity and safe sex, for educating yourselves, for being brave enough to ask important questions, and for practicing empathy and inclusivity in the sheets AND in the streets.

Being a local business, we can't say we didn't see this coming. Independent Toronto businesses are suffering. This is a city wide epidemic. Commercial rent and property taxes are sky-rocketing annually, and Toronto communities are going head-to-head with this, while condos and chain stores tighten their grip on our beloved independent businesses. Please continue to shop local and keep our city alive.

There's so much more to say. How can we even put into words just how much Condom Shack has meant to so many people who have passed through these doors for 25 years. Keep checking back for more posts and information as we mourn, remember, and celebrate the irreplaceable landmark that was, and always will be, Condom Shack.

Cheers to the shackers, the prank callers, and everyone in between. It's been a wet 'n' wild ride."

With love,

Condom Shack



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